2017 Wellesley Equestrian Partnered Junior Riders

Each year Wellesley Equestrian hand-picks a few junior riders to partner with. These riders compete at the highest level of the junior divisions in the Equitation, Jumpers and Hunters.  Our riders are ambassadors for our brand and are proud to promote our brand because they truly believe in the work we do.


Taylor St. Jacques - Heritage Farm



Mckayla Langmeier - North Run & Kelianda Farm Inc.

Wellesley Equestrian | Mckayla Langmeier | Kelianda Farm | North Run | Maclay Finals

Mckayla Langmeier comes to us from East Granby, CT and Wellington, FL. Training with Missy Clark & John Brennan of North Run and Linda and Kenny Langmeier of Kelianda Farm, Mckayla is the 2015 Maclay National Champion, winner of the $35,000 Canadian Cup at Spruce Meadows,  Champion at the National Horse Show in the Junior Hunters and much more.

Grace Boston - Don Stewart Show Stables

 Wellesley Equestrian | Grace Boston | Don Stewart Show Stables | Maclay | Equitation

Grace Boston comes to us from Baltimore,MD and rides with Don Stewart of Don Stewart Show Stables. Grace was the 2016 Region 3 Maclay Champion in Tampa, FL. She competes in the junior hunters, big equitation and junior jumpers.


Klee Hellerman - Old Salem Farm

Wellesley Equestrian | Klee Hellerman | Old Salem Farm

Klee Hellerman comes to us from New Haven, CT and Wellington, FL. Training with Frank Madden at Old Salem Farm, Klee competes at the top shows in the country in the equitation and junior jumpers. 


Lily Foregger - David Olynick Show Stables

Wellesley Equestrian | Lily Foregger | David Olynick | Deeridge Farms

 Lily comes to us from Waterbury, Vermont and Wellington, FL training with David Olynick. She attends the Dana Hall School and competes on the east coast in the equitation and jumpers. Lily was the 2017 1.10 winner at the Deeridge Derby Weekend in Wellington,FL.


Taylor Griffiths - Old Salem Farm

Wellesley Equestrian | Taylor Griffiths | Old Salem Farm | Frank Madden |

Taylor comes to us from Wellington, FL and NY. Riding at Old Salem Fark with Frank Madden Taylor competes in the Big Equitation. Taylor has had top ribbons at WEF, Devon and the Hampton Classic.


Emma Fletcher - Grazing Fields & Kelianda Farm

Wellesley Equestrian | Emma Fletcher | Grazing Fields Farm | Head of the Bay Horse Shows

Emma comes to us from from Buzzards Bay, MA. She rides with her mom, Kathy Fletcher, of Grazing Fields Farm and with Linda Langmeier of Kelianda Farm. Emma shows in the Medal/Maclay as well as the Junior Jumpers all over the east coast from WEF to New England. Emma was the 2016 MHC Junior Medal Chmapion. Her winning finishing touch is the WE "Super Soft" Brush and protects her phone with the black granite phone case.


Dominika Silvestri - Grazing Fields & Apple Knoll

Wellesley Equestrian | Dominika Silvestri | Capital Challenge Horse Show


Dominika comes to us from Andover, MA and competes on the New England show circuit in the Big Eq. with her horse, Nice. She rides with the teams at Apple Knoll Farm & Kathy Fletcher / Grazing Fields Farm. Dominika has competed at the Capital Challenge and was the winner of the 2016 Child/Adult Hunter Derby at the Fieldstone Show Park.


 Tyler Bui - Neavah Farm

Wellesley Equestrian | Tyler Bui | The Hampton Classic Horse Show

Tyler comes to us from Hopkington, MA and rides with Dede Rucco at Neveah Farm. Tyler competes in the big equitation and the jumpers in New England, WEF, the Hamptons and Lake Placid. Tyler's finishing touch is the WE "Every Day" Brush.


Sarah Hyde - River Wind Farm

Wellesley Equestrian | Sarah Hyde | River Wind Farm | New England Equitation Finals


Sarah comes to us from Scituate, MA and rides with River Wind Farm with Lia Chafee She competes her horse, Algarve, on the east coast in the equitation showing at HITS Ocala, Saugerties, Fieldstone, the Capital Challenge, and the Vermont Summer Festival. Sarah was the 2016 winner of the Week 4 VSF and HITS Ocala Week 6 National Children's Medal, and 8th at the 2016 MHJ Junior Medal Finals Sarah's winning touch is the WE "Every Day" brush pair. She also protects her phone with the WE "Barn wood" phone case.  



 Sydney North

Sydney North | Wellesley Equestrian