Meet the President of Wellesley Equestrian

Carolyn C. Lavin

Wellesley Equestrian Founder & President

Carolyn Lavin | Wellesley Equestrian | Wellesley Equestrian Shop

Carolyn Lavin & Lex Luther at the Fieldstone Show Park in 2016.


Carolyn Lavin (Carolyn Crosby - maiden) had a knack for losing brushes and a heart for competition which led her to create personalized brushes and a company of her own. Her drive to find the items she needs helped to catapult Wellesley into a rider’s dream shop.

Wellesley Equestrian is the leader high-end horse show products. From tack trunks and wall boxes to the staple product, personalized show brushes, Wellesley Equestrian has everything that the serious competitor needs.

Carolyn grew up riding in New England. As a pony kid she rode with Emerson Burr at the Fairfield County Hunt Club.  She attended the USEF Pony Finals with her large pony, Milky Way in 2002 and 2003. Moving into her junior years Carolyn competed in the Big Equitation under the instruction of Linda Langmeier. Some accomplishments include Grand Hunter Champion at Lake Placid, 5th in the Taylor Harris National Children's Medal, top 12 at the NEEC Championships, and top scores at the USEF Talent Search East, USEF Medal Finals and Maclay Nationals as well as 1st in the 1.15 at the Fidelity Jumper Classic.

As an Amateur Carolyn now rides and shows with the team at the Karen Stive's Equestrian Center (Dana Hall) in Wellesley, MA including Greg Best, Cookie DeSimone, Lauren Collins, Carly Carbacho and Sarah Summers. She also shows with Lia Chafee of River Wind Farm. In her adult career she has been 6th at the MHJ 18-30 Adult Medal Finals, 10th at the MHC 18-30 Adult Medal Finals and 12th at the NEEC Medal Finals.

Carolyn's business background started in 2012 graduating from Babson College. During her college career Carolyn worked for top companies such as Irving Oil, Connelly Partners, and Gear Communications touching everything from Customer Loyalty to SEO, Brand Management and PR. From 2012-2016 Carolyn worked as a Global Marketing Product Portfolio Manager at Vistaprint (NASDAQ: CMPR). Traveling all over the world for work Carolyn learned the value that eCommerce brings to customers in different locations as opposed to your typical brick and motor store.

We are excited of the progress we have made so far and the success we look forward to in the future.


Carolyn Lavin | Wellesley Equestrian | President of Wellesley Equestrian